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Fantasy Gaming

Storyblocks: The King

A young man has a dream, he wants to become the king. To achieve this dream, there are sort of different paths that this young man needs to walk through. Each puzzle solved is a new path completed and a new piece of this journey is revealed, you can choose your own journey by building your own way in this relaxing and beautiful environment. Enjoy this journey and discover the four possible endings of this adventure.

Why it's memorable?

Storyblocks is a game about storytelling and puzzles, minimalist, beautiful, brain challenger, and motivational.


Super Grappling Gecko

Winner of Game Jam+ 2020 as the best art direction. Swing over spikes and pits, find the secrets of a mysterious tree and overcome difficult challenges as a brave tiny lizard in this small adventure

Why it's memorable?

SGG has a great soundtrack, cute character, and beautiful art style, but more than that it's a really difficult game to master. If you are a speedrunner, you will shine.



Winner of Game Jam+ as the best game in Rio de Janeiro state. Tecnotupã brings a inovative concept of Brazilian Mitology in a solar punk setup. Tecnotupa have rouge lite gameplay where in each level you have to chose how strong your enemies will be by adding new skills on them. Sounds different? Yes, you have no idea!

Why it's memorable?

It's a new concept of game, bringing one of the many Brazilian mythology in a futuristic solar punk environment.

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